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We’re just out with a first release of BuddyPress Multilingual. This plugin enables running multilingual BuddyPress sites with WPML.

It adds a language switcher to BuddyPress bar, allowing visitors to select their languages. Then, it hooks to different elements that BuddyPress generates and makes sure they are all language sensitive.

The main blog and guest blogs can run multilingual. WPML allows different authors to select their admin language, so that different users can manage their guest blogs in their native languages.

Here is how the famous BuddyPress bar looks like with the plugin running:

BuddyPress bar with language switcher
BuddyPress bar with language switcher

It’s running fine on BuddyPress 1.0, and we’re working hard to complete support for BuddyPress 1.1 (should be available next week).

To get started, have a look at the (very basic) users guide.