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We reviewed dozens of sites using WPML, trying to figure out what are the most important features missing from WPML — the results are not very surprising, but it’s good to get them from actual sites.

1. Butt-ugly language switchers

WPML creates a drop-down language switcher. It’s fully functional, but the default design doesn’t match any website.

Many folks drag the language switchers widget to their theme, but unless they’re CSS gurus, they’s now stuck with our default color scheme, which just makes the site ugly.

To fix this, we’re going to add customization options to the drop-down language switcher. You’ll be able to switch between several pre-designed color schemes and create your own.

We’ll also add a language switcher option added to the site’s footer, in the form of country flags. This will have two flavors — a widget and an addition to the site’s footer (for themes that don’t include a footer widget area).

2. Broken link to home page

All themes have a link to the home page. WPML needs to hook to that link and alter it, so that each language home page points to the correct home in that language. It’s not done by default, so whenever visitors click on ‘Home’, they get to the home page in the default language.

We’re going to have WPML alter this, so that any link to ‘Home’ goes to the right language.

3. Untranslated texts all over the place

WordPress is so popular and powerful because of the huge range of plugins, offering unique functionality without any coding. Problem is, translations for all plugins to all languages isn’t available. This causes multilingual sites to have parts that always appear in the default language.

Visitors don’t know and don’t care why it’s happening and that it’s not your fault. The site still looks strange when part of the page is in one language and part in another.

We’re hoping to make this much better, in the near future, when WPML allows translating texts in other plugins.

What do you think?

What are your favorite missing items in WPML?

Include a link to your site and tell what are the most painful points keeping it from being fully multilingual.