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WPML users had an excellent suggestion on making it easy to add new languages to existing sites.

The idea is you can add new languages to your site, but everything in those languages stays invisible (to visitors) until you’re done with the translations.

So, you can translate peacefully, without things looking half done or half-broken and then, when you’re 100% happy, release that new language.

Hiding languages

Go to WPML->Languages and scroll down to More options where you’ll see a new section called Hide languages.

Hide languages feature in WPML 1.6.1

Once a language is hidden, visitors (not logged in) cannot see any contents in it, but you can.

Click on your profile page to set the option for yourself. This way, you can see how the site will look like once that language is enabled.

This feature, along with several bug fixes is available in the current development You can try it on development sites to see how it works.

I hope that this would make it easier for you to add new languages to existing sites. We could sure have used it when we added Japanese and Chinese to

If you have other killer ideas or spot something that looks like a bug, remember to post about it in the forum.

Have a good weekend!