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We are pleased to announce the recent integration of WPML and AVANTI, a specialist translation agency.

AVANTI Language Services has been in the market providing technical translations for over 25 years. It has specialist translators who are experts in four areas of translation:

  •   Legal translations
  •   Technical translations
  •   Financial translations
  •   Commercial translations

Legal, financial, and technical terms are rarely translatable word for word, and new terms are constantly being introduced. It is therefore vital that translators know the precise equivalent term in the target language, and are up-to-date with the latest developments in these fields.

AVANTI offers specialists in the field who are also specialist translators, plus:

  •     Proofreading — Every translation is edited by a second “native speaker” who is also an expert in the field
  •     Integrity check — To ensure that figures and non-linguistic matters—such as layout—are accurate to the smallest detail
  •     100% unconditional guarantee of satisfaction
  •     Quotations received within the hour
  •     In-time turnarounds

If you are already a WPML user and are interested in using AVANTI for translation, follow the instructions for translating WordPress sites with AVANTI. If you are new to WPML, feel free to purchase the Multilingual CMS package and get started.