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WooCommerce Multilingual 4.1 comes with an enhanced currency switcher, improved REST API support and it’s also WooCommerce 2.7 ready.

Customize your currency switcher

Adding one or more currency switchers becomes a delightful experience with the new UI and all the possible options included.

Customize the appearance of a language switcher

You can add as many currency switchers as widgets and configure them with their own layout and style each. Similarly, the built-in currency switcher for the product page can be customized with various configuration options for styling and format.

Read more about how to set up currency switchers

REST API support

We stopped using the legacy REST API support from WooCommerce and started using the version 1 of the new REST API in WooCommerce. This version is the newest and is fully integrated with the WordPress REST API.

To learn more about how you can use this in your applications, read our documentation page about the integration of WooCommerce Multilingual with the WordPress REST API.

WooCommerce 2.7 ready

Throughout last year and this year too, we’ve watched closely the very significant changes being added to WooCommerce as part of the 2.7 version. We’ve included updates in WooCommerce Multilingual even from the previous versions making it possible to stay up to date and be sure that the final WooCommerce 2.7 release will not disrupt and current integration with WooCommerce Multilingual in particular and with WPML in general.

WooCommerce 2.7 is expected to arrive in less than a week from the moment this post is published. If you want to experiment with the new WooCommerce before it’s published, you can use the current release candidate (RC1).

This version will still work with WooCommerce 2.6 so you don’t need to wait for the WooCommerce release before upgrading.

Other enhancements

Added the ability to translate product terms in the products translation editor. We also enhanced the translation of rich text custom fields in the products translation editor.

Compatibility with other plugins

  • The Events Calendar — Added the ability to translate Events and Tickets as long as several other elements involved. Such as: venues, organizers, tickets meta etc… [read more]
  • WooCommerce Product Bundles — This extension underwent significant structure changes in version 5.0 and these required an almost complete update of the compatibility support.
    Note: this doesn’t cover the compatibility with WooCommerce 2.7 since this extension is not yet compatible with this WooCommerce version.
  • ACF Pro — Rich text custom fields were not displayed correctly in the products translation editor
  • WooCommerce Bookings — It was not possible to add the book an item twice for the same date.
  • WP Simple Survey — In some circumstances, the .htaccess file was incorrectly overwritten.

Bugs no longer among us

  • Translations for custom attributes containing the umlaut character were not showing on the frontend.
  • Some gallery images were not synchronized when using the corresponding option on the troubleshooting page.
  • Incorrect country name translations were used in the order confirmation email is some situations.
  • Some endpoints were not accessible when using the ‘Different languages in directories’ configuration.
  • Order screen displayed ‘Variation # of Product name’ instead of just the product name.
  • The custom prices were not displayed correctly on the front end when using ‘,’ as a decimal separator.
  • In specific circumstances, the product category URLs were returning a 404 error.
  • New lines were not copied correctly when using the products translation editor.
  • In some circumstances, accessing product categories without a trailing slash generated PHP notices.
  • The stock status was not synchronized correctly for variable products.
  • By removing an attribute, only the terms in the default language were removed from the database.
  • When using the option to display only products with custom prices in the secondary currencies and the price was 0, the products variations were not visible on the front end.
  • The option to set separate download files for each translation was not working correctly for variable products

What’s next

Enhancements automatic exchange rates functionality:

  • Enable this function only for selected currencies
  • Change exchange rates only when differences from previous rates pass a given threshold
  • Preview current exchange rates for the selected service (updated daily)

We also plan to improve the experience with the forms in the admin menus and with the products translation editor.

Getting the update

You should receive this update automatically to the WordPress admin. You can also download WooCommerce Multilingual from WordPress plugins directory.

We love maintaining and improving this plugin and we’re getting even more excited whenever we hear about stories of people using it. Let us know how it works for you by rating WooCommerce Multilingual on the WordPress plugins directory. Thanks in advance!


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