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WooCommerce Multilingual 4.2 is a minor release addressing specific compatibility issues with other WooCommerce extensions, performance issues (especially for the back-end) and bug fixes.

Compatibility and Functionality

  • Added the ability to translate Sensei plugin’s custom post type «Questions».
  • Added the ability to translate serialized custom fields in the Translation Editor.
  • Fixed an issue with payment method title not displaying in emails sent using Mollie Payment’s payment processor.
  • Show an admin notice for environments in which switching the language or currency on the front-end, could corrupt the shopping cart contents.

Installer 1.8

This version includes a new version of the WPML Installer, that allows you to use different channels for getting updates for all WPML and Toolset products: production, beta or development.

WooCommerce 3.1 and WordPress 4.8

WooCommerce Multilingual 4.2 works and has been tested with the most recent versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.


  • When selecting the currency layer provider for automatic exchange rate, the API KEY filter was not visible.
  • The multi-currency component made the admin dashboard page loading unnecessarily slow.
  • Variations with custom attributes could not be duplicated as translations.
  • A fatal error occurred when using old WordPress versions (before 4.4.0). This was caused by the non-existence of rest_get_url_prefix in those versions.
  • The admin orders page was loading slower than necessary.
  • A PHP fatal error was occurring when using the Adventure Tours extension.
  • A product add-on was added to the cart morethann once in combination with the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.
  • For translated products, the product variation names were displayed in an old format (before WooCommerce 3.0).
  • The prices in the secondary currencies, for products in secondary languages, were incorrect when products were read via the REST API.
  • CSS for the currency switcher was loaded even if the multi-currency was not enabled.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error on the shop page.
  • It was not possible to use the «Clear Cart» feature if only AJAX cookies were enabled in WPML.
  • WooCommerce Product Bundles: Bundled items filtering by variation was not synced with translations.
  • Bookings maximum availability value was changing after adding a bookable product to the shopping cart few times.
  • In some cases the option to prompt for a confirmation about resetting the shopping cart when switching the language was not working.
  • The variation names were, sometimes, displayed in the wrong language on the Orders page, on the back-end.

Getting the update

You should receive this update automatically to the WordPress admin. You can also download WooCommerce Multilingual from the WordPress plugins directory.

We love maintaining and improving this plugin and we’re getting even more excited whenever we hear about stories of people using it. Let us know how it works for you by rating WooCommerce Multilingual on the WordPress plugins directory. Thanks in advance!

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