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We just released AFCML 1.6.0 which fixes a few issues and improves the translation support for ACF options page and taxonomy fields.

Improved translation support for taxonomy and page options fields

In older versions of ACFML, you could only translate the taxonomy and page options fields. In ACFML 1.6.0, you can set the translation preference of these fields to Translate, Copy, or Copy Once. Consequently, WPML will load the field value to the translation editor page or automatically copy the field value to the secondary language field.


  • Ability to translate and display more than one instance of the same ACF block.
  • Fixed relationship fields not copying to translation when there is more than one related item.
  • Improved the logic that checks and displays a warning message if a field translation preference isn’t saved.

Download and update

You will receive this update automatically to all registered sites. You can also find the latest version of ACFML on the downloads page of your WPML account.

Check our detailed guide that explains the process of building multilingual websites using Advanced Custom Fields and WPML.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please add your comments and we will get back to you.

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