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Type of work:

SEO, Visual design, Дайте подробную консультацию о потенциальном проекте, Интегрируйся с внешней системой, Развивай функциональность сайта, Создай новый сайт

Project size:
  • Small Business

I can maintain sites

Site categories:

E-commerce, Блог, Брошюра, Образование, Членство

Favorite WordPress themes:


Project budget:

Minimum budget is 3000 USD

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I’m a freelancer, creating marketing platforms with WordPress (some of them multilingual).

I have a lot of experience creating search engine optimized WordPress websites that are fast and get found. Helping small businesses with the technical side of their WordPress marketing platform, so they can focus on their marketing and business.

WPML user since: Март, 2014

Contractor since: Июнь, 2018