The Media Translation module allows to display the same media files in different languages.You will be able to add translations for image captions, description and titles, without having to upload the same images to translated content.

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WPML Media Translation

Начато: janL-28 в: English Support

2 7 1 час, 24 мин. назад

Marcos Vinicios Barreto

WMPL All Import images not working

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Marcos Vinicios Barreto

Media Translation options when no translations are needed

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Product Image no showing up in media library

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3ème ticket Problème d'affichage des images traduites WPML Média

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Is it possible to show a different image on another language page?

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Content in Gallery is translated, doesnt show the translated content

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Shekhar Bhandari

Ticket follow up

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My ENGLISH & SPANISH media file doesn't work

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Synchronizing media library

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Carlos Rojas

change image storage settings

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WPML causes that a page can't be saved

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Andreas W.

The site is experiencing technical difficulties with WPML Media

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What will happen if I delete all the media under specific language?

Начато: baderK в: English Support

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duplicar media

Начато: marcB-63 в: Soporte en Español

2 6 3 дней, 8 часов назад

Carlos Rojas