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very efficient and gave me information on how she resolved my issue JohanneL-2
I prefer to get help from Lauren. there is not an option to select her profile so I write here to get help again. DragiB
She has always been wonderful finding solutions for my problems. SimonP-14
Nothing, just I have written in Italian and I guess she doesn't read/understand italian. Gianluca Destro
Lauren has helped us with the same issue in this website. Same problem cause other symptoms. NourD
She is best and fast response support with any problem facing , and she is friendly with clients . MfakiraM
She's the best. Manon
She advised me on this issue yesterday. JackR-2
effectiveness, resolution Genis de Tuero
Nothing. Bruno took care of this ticket RonS-15

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This is a test ticket, please disregard.

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