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He alredy knows what I did and can suggest a solution easier FlavioD-3
This possibly ties in with an issue that Raja help resolve last Friday. Cara Mc Donough
He is the best one i think and so helpful person. BatmunkhB
His solved my issue clearly last time. Dohunj
He is most familiar because he helped me, but what i need is speed in response Miguel-angelS-5
he was working ont he ticket before JulieD-6
Raja fixed other issue quickly and has access to the site RobertE-6
He delivered an awesome customer service at my last ticket. He is very skilled and I am confident he can resolve this issue again AlexisM-5
One of the best support i get from was from Raja John

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WPML chat support ticket by Raja Mohammed — 1651223499

Начато: Raja Mohammed в: Chat Support

1 1 1 год, 10 месяца назад

Testing a chat with Raja

Начато: Raja Mohammed в: Chat Support

1 2 2 года, 8 месяца назад

Understanding ticket work flow

Начато: Raja Mohammed в: Chat Support

1 2 4 года, 2 месяца назад

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