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You’ve probably already heard the buzz about Core Web Vitals and its upcoming impact on SEO (and multilingual SEO). You might have read a couple of articles that list what you should do to optimize your site’s speed. In this tutorial, instead of explaining, we’re going to show. Watch Dario create a custom, multilingual, WooCommerce site from scratch and reach a great score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

We already know that the time it takes to load pages (Largest Contentful Paint) is important for visitor retention and conversion. Under the umbrella of Core Web Vitals, Google includes two other performance metrics — «layout shift» and «time to interactive». Together, these three metrics are a great indication for how «nice» pages feel, especially on mobile. Google came up with these metrics not to make life difficult to developers, but to improve the user experience. After all, Google is a business and it wants to make money. For Google to make money, people need to like the results that they get from its search. Besides having relevant content, Google wants visitors to also enjoy the «browsing experience».

And, it turns out that reaching very good scores on Google doesn’t require a degree in rocket science. All it takes it to start right and avoid trivial mistakes.

Our checklist includes:

That’s it.

We created a blank WordPress site, chose a light theme, enabled caching and CDN. We placed it on a fast host (which costs us $10/month) and measured the results. We got almost 100 on CWV. Then, we carefully added only plugins that don’t waste resources and used small images.

The result? A fully custom and multilingual WooCommerce site, where everything loads super fast and passes Google’s guidelines. No special magic or hacking.

Watch the video to follow our steps. Let us know in the comments how this is going for your own sites and where you see performance dropping.

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