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CookieYes is a recommended plugin thanks to its commitment to continued compatibility and partnership with WPML. CookieYes is fully compatible with WPML.


– Developed by CookieYes

Version 2.3.0

Last tested on: สิงหาคม 20, 2020

CookieYes helps ensure your site is GDPR compliant. The consent banner is fully customizable to match your site’s styling, and it uses GeoIP to only show the banner for only EU visitors.

CookieYes automatically scans your site for active cookies and adds them to your cookie list to ensure you’re providing accurate information. It also uses this information to generate a cookie policy for your website.

Please note: The pro version, GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin, is also compatible with WPML.

Known Issues

There are no unresolved compatibility issues between this plugin and WPML. Search all known issues.