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Al Del Vecchio

I am English mother tongue but perfectly bilingual Italian-English (I have a dual citizenship Canadian-Italian). I’ve been a registered translator at the Rome, Italy Civil and Penal Court since 1990. I’ve been translating for circa 21 years off and on and in the last 12 years on a full-time basis; I work both privately and for numerous agencies worldwide including the US. I also have a TEFL Diploma and I teach English privately.

Prior to translating and teaching I was the British Embassy Rome Finance/Accounts Manager. I left the Embassy voluntarily after 23 years of service to pursue my translating career. In the past I also worked for the Government of Canada, Dep’t of Consumer and Corporate Affairs.
Over the years I have translated roughly 10-15 websites per year.

I recently translated the book “Frank Cancian – A town in Southern Italy”, for the Italian Ministry of Culture (Published in Oct-2020).

For further info please check my LinkedIn page:


Al Del Vecchio
Rome, Italy





Italian to English
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1-3 days
Additional Notes

I've been translating, on and off, since 1990 and translating on a full-time basis since 2009.
An integral part of my work is reviewing translations.