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Ale Meza Translator
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*This is the rate for the translation review work (not translation work).

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Ale Meza

I’m an experienced-qualified translator from with nore than 10-year-experience. I’ve been successfully translating a wide range of projects with ICanLocalize since 2014. I enjoy my profession a lot and take pride on being able to build bridges of communication between our Eng. Speaking clients and their Spa. Speaking customers doing my best to make translations sound as if they’d been originally written in Spanish. I am very punctual, accurate and committed to delivering a high quality product.

Work history_________________________________________________________

Freelance translator
April 2010 – currently

I translate from English into Spanish. Most of the time I work with web pages, thesis, medical and dental manuals.
Centro Universitario Marta Borzone, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
September 2012 – December 2013

I taught commercial translation from French into Spanish I and commercial translation from English into Spanish I and II.


Fields of expertise_____________________________________________________

Health care and medical documents
I have translated a monitoring program expenditures of PEPFAR U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief.
I also have translated documents regarding to HIV care, health information for Desert AIDS Project.
I have translated content for health services, skin care, food supplement and health care web pages such as Lifewave, Winfit, CELLis, Nucerity. For the Mexican market.
I translate essays, manuals and research papers for endodontic cases. I translate specialized literature for students at the school Endodontic and Dentistry.
COVID Toolkit. It is an educational resources center for patients.
An RVO web page. It is a retinal vein occlusion resource center for patients who have been diagnosed with the disease.
A patient web page for blindness prevention and resource center for people who have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration.
A diabetic retinopathy web page.
A heart rate monitor. Its in an app that measures and monitor heart rate.

I have translated some educational content for schools webpages, one of my clients is Escondido Union High School District.
MicrosoftTeams content.
Beedle, tools for teachers.

Child care
I have translated some web pages of non-profit organizations, one of my clients is El Paso HOPES.

Games for android
Nintendo: introduction for a new videogame
Roguelike videogames information
Deck building videogames upadates
Videogames updates

Construction and industrial engineering
I have translated webpages for safety constructions, one of my clients is RedGuard, a pioneering blast resisting building constructor.
I also have translated webpages for safety equipment and services for making your company safety such, one of my clients is EcoDrench.
I have translated the instructions for the assembly of steel storage sheds for the company ArrowSheds.

Automotive and mechanical content
I have been translating updates and coupons for Ford and Quick Lane webpage for Mexican audience (services, coupons, vehicle’s pieces) since 2014.

I have translated several web pages and apps with cryptocurrency related content.
I have translated some content for a European investment services company called Exante.

Tourism and travelling
I have translated a lot of travel blogs, and whale watching excursion web pages.

Online shopping/e-commerce
I have translated some products content for the webpage dickblick.

Social media
I have translated content for websites that make possible to meet people worldwide, one of this is Livu.

Spiritual and self help
I have translated web pages regarding to energetic healing, one of my clients is Star Blossoms Alliance.

Technology manuals
I translate manuals for a medical company in Mexico City, Mexico. These manuals explain the proper use and operation of the company´s technology.

Environment & ecology issues.
I translated a thesis about environmental problems in Mexico City as well as “green buildings”. I have also translated several manuals for gardening and sustainable agriculture.

iOS/Android apps and software
I have translated a vast number of applications ranging from technology, music (drum machine), education, games (paty games), weather, social networking and a bundle of cleansing applications for Mac.
I have translated updates for applications in Android and MAC.
I have translated Applications for font manager such as Suitcase Fusion.
I have translated Directions for using the app of SecurePost.
Applications of software, firewalls, anti-virus programmes, electronic rights management systems, encryption, etc. Such as Adblock.




English to Spanish

Waiting time

1-3 days
Additional Notes

My final translation product sound/read/flow as if they were originally written and created in Spanish. I am very punctual, accurate and committed to delivering a high quality product service.