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Georg - translator to Dutch
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Georg Schreuder Hes

In my 11 years at the English Department of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (2001-2012) I gained extensive experience as an editor and translator. My work at Radio Netherlands consisted for the most part of translating Dutch language news reports and articles about the Netherlands into English. I also regularly wrote the RNW daily press review of the main Dutch newspapers.


The translation process included rewriting texts to reflect the British/US journalistic style which differs considerably from the Dutch. An additional challenge was posed by the fact that many stories dealt with typically Dutch subjects which are often difficult to translate into English.


As a result I have become a hyper-critical reader with a strong feel for both the Dutch and English languages and an extensive knowledge of Dutch society. I am a customer-oriented perfectionist with a strong interest in current affairs, the arts, languages, history, clean-tech and environmental issues.


Since 2012, I have been doing English to Dutch translations via ICanLocalize and Dutch to English for Erasmus+ and





Certificate of Proficiency in English as a Foreign Language of the University of Cambridge

December 1981


English Translator (bachelor)

ITV School of Interpreters and Translators, Utrecht

Graduated May 2003




Dutch to English Translator at Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Hilversum

October  2001 –  October 2012


Owner of translation agency Red Crow Translations (




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