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Luis Pun

Spanish native speaker from Mexico, with a passion for reading and, particularly, writing. I was involved with English since kindergarten and hasn’t stopped ever since.

I’ve been doing translations for years, always with good results. Some of the projects I’ve worked on include:

  • Translating/localizing a tourist guide for a tourism company in Costa Rica.
  • Translating/localizing monthly blog articles for an American company that helps its clients with the process of obtaining a travel Visa.
  • Translating/localizing two different party board games, which included making sure slangs and idioms translated correctly to Spanish.
  • Proofreading a translated party board game, making sure slangs and idioms translated correctly to Spanish.
  • I run my own independent translation/localization company,, where I’ve had the joy of providing services to clients in different sectors, especially apps and games, to localize their games to reach the Spanish-speaking market, which consists of over 460 million new potential customers.

I still live in Mexico but, because of my different projects, I’m in constant communication with people all around the world, where a good level of English is no longer a maybe, but a must. I write, both in English and Spanish and I aspire to become a professional screenwriter.




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You won't need to worry about whether my review will be of good quality or not, or run after me so I get the job done. I am professional, hard-working, and will deliver your high-quality review fast.