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Quicksilver Translate

Learn how to translate WordPress sites with QuickSilver Translate and WPML. Discover which translation services QuickSilver Translate offers, and how to get started with WPML.

Service Offered


What is QuickSilver Translate?

QuickSilver Translate is an ISO-9001-certified translation agency providing acomprehensive range of linguistic services. Established in 2004, QuickSilver offers multilingual translation, editing, desktop publishing, and website localization services. To achieve high quality and accurate translation, QuickSilver utilizes cutting-edge translation software and a global network of specialized translators.

Translate with Quicksilver Translate and WPML

WPML’s Translation Management dashboard makes it easy to translate your website with Quicksilver Translate. Simply select which content you want to translate, into what languages, and send to Quicksilver Translate.

Get started with Quicksilver Translate

To translate with Quicksilver Translate and WPML, you need WPML’s Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plan, and a Quicksilver Translate account.

Once you create your accounts, you need an access token to connect WPML with Quicksilver Translate.

Quicksilver Translate reviews

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4 stars

Quality and Commitment

QuickSilver Translate exemplifies speed and efficiency, delivering top-notch translations tailored to our clients’ needs across diverse environments. Their unwavering dedication to quality ensures exceptional service, reinforcing their status as our trusted provider.

5 stars

Excellent Translation Service!

We are extremely satisfied with the translation service provided by Quicksilver Translate. For a long time now, this company has been helping us with the translations of our multi-language WordPress web construction projects, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Quicksilver Translate has proven to be a reliable and professional partner in the field of translation. Their translations are accurate, high-quality, and delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe. They have been able to grasp the essence of our content perfectly and convey it clearly and consistently in different languages. Furthermore, their team of translators is highly competent and consists of qualified professionals who have a deep understanding of the translation and localization industry. Communication with them has always been smooth and efficient, addressing any doubts and inquiries in a timely manner. We particularly value their adaptability to our needs and their willingness to collaborate on complex projects. Their expertise in the web construction field and knowledge of WordPress have been instrumental in ensuring that the translations seamlessly integrate with our website. We highly recommend Quicksilver Translate to any company or individual in need of quality translation services. We are truly grateful for their dedication and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. Many thanks to Quicksilver Translate for their excellent work and ongoing support!

5 stars

Effective translations

It is not the first website we translate with the collaboration of QuickSilver Translate. In this case, we highlight the diversity of languages and the ability to immerse oneself in an industrial world such as polymer chemistry.

4 stars

Multilingual the easy way!

We have worked with Quicksilver Translate and they are extremely professional and they work quick but good.