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WPML’s automatic translation feature allows you to quickly translate your site’s content, no matter the size of your team or budget. WPML also offers two ways to purchase automatic translation credits, tailored to the many ways our clients manage sites.

Why Automatic Translation?

Automatic translation has quickly become the go-to way to translate sites, whether you’re translating sites yourself or have a team of translators working with you – even professional translation services use automatic translation! That’s because automatic translation can generate a solid “first draft”, leaving only the work to review and approve the translations.

See for yourself!

We used WPML’s automatic translation to translate this post using DeepL. Our support team quickly reviewed it to make sure it looked great (except Japanese, since we don’t have any supporters who speak that language natively). Use the language switcher in the site’s header to see the post in other languages!

With WPML’s automatic translation, you only pay for new or updated content you translate. If you don’t translate any content, you don’t pay anything, and there is no recurring payment to keep the translations on your site.

It’s an easy way to stay on budget and on time, so you can use your time to focus on other parts of running a business.

What are the Options for Buying Credits?

Once you’ve used up the free credits that came with your WPML account, you’ll need to buy additional credits to continue using WPML’s automatic translation.

You can pay for your credits in the following ways:

Translate now and pay later
Prepaid Credit Packages
Purchase more credits and assign them to your sites
No monthly charge – only pay when you translate contentXX
Use on all your sitesXX
Most affordableX
First 2,000 credits each month for freeX
Use automatic translation whenever you need it without any extra setupX
Set an overall spending capX
Assign credits to client sitesX

Three Ways to Manage Automatic Translation Payment

We’ve talked to our clients about how they use automatic translation on their sites. Here are some common use cases and how these clients pay for automatic translation.

Case 1 – You Manage Automatic Translation on Your Own Site

If you are responsible only for translating your own site, pay-as-you-go is the most affordable. You start with 2,000 free credits each month, and the price-per-credit decreases the more you translate in one month. Plus, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to purchase more credits and assign them to your site.

Case 2 – You Manage Multiple Sites for Different Clients

If your client is paying you for automatic translation, buying a prepaid package of credits gives you greater control over how much they translate and how much it costs you. With a prepaid package of credits, you can set payment limits by only assigning a certain number of credits to each site.

If you want your client to handle payment and translation themselves, they can set up their own pay-as-you go account and leave you to focus on developing the site.

Case 3 – You Manage Multiple Sites for the Same Client

Pay-as-you-go gets cheaper the more you translate in one month. To take advantage of this, you can connect multiple sites under one pay-as-you-go account. This also shares their translation memory and glossary, which makes it more convenient to manage consistent translations across sites. You also get 2,000 free credits each month to share between sites.

Get DeepL for 33% Less

In case you haven’t heard, DeepL is now WPML’s default engine for automatic translation, and we dropped the price from 3 to 2 credits per word (33% off). The majority of our clients have made the switch and are very happy with the results!

Which automatic translation engines WPML sites use




See how to switch your existing sites to DeepL to take advantage of this offer.

Have You Tried Automatic Translation Yet?

Which option have you found works the best for you? If you haven’t tried automatic translation again, what’s stopping you? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll reply.

Log in to your WPML account to buy more credits and learn more about the pricing options.

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