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  • Fix an issue where low_stock_amount was not synchronized to translations.
  • Fixed an issue where custom attribute with a number in the name did not appear in the Translation editor.
  • Fixed an issue where the price rule for WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping in a second currency was not applied.
  • Fix an issue where a translated custom field was wrongly saved to translation if it contains an array of strings.
  • Fixed an issue with an endless loop when using troubleshooting action to duplicate terms.
  • Fixed an issue where Elementor PRO products would block displaying of all categories on the translated page.
  • Fixed an issue where XLIFF files did not contain variation descriptions for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Flatsome theme.
  • Fixed an issue with custom product attribute title when trying to upload translation using a XLIFF file.
  • Added a filter for translated package rates.
  • Fixed an issue where variation product would go out-of-stock when translating using the native screen.
  • Removed backward compatibility filters for terms synchronization.
  • Fixed an issue where the attribute slug language was always set to English.
  • Fixed a wrong path in Bookings compatibility class.
  • Fixed a fatal error occurring with older versions of WooCommerce (3.3.5).
  • Fixed an issue where confirming an order as complete from the order edit screen does not decrement the stock quantity in the second language.
  • Fixed an issue where Product category data would always synchronize when saving the translation and does not respect WPML option to sync taxonomies.
  • Fixed a call to undefined method WPML_URL_Filters::remove_global_hooks with WPML versions earlier than 3.6.0.
  • Fixed a compatibility class name for WooCommerce product add-ons.
  • Fixed an issue where manual order creation does not respect manual prices.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Composite Products where the Price was not rounding to the nearest integer.
  • Fixed a missing custom attribute in XLIFF file / Pro Translation.
  • Fix an Endpoint error to prevent 404 in some cases.
  • Resolved an exception causing an error message in the cart in some setups.
  • Fixed a missed synchronization of ‘outofstock’ visibility term between product translations.
  • Fixed a broken logic with Table Rate Shipping when a product uses the class with “break and abort” rule.
  • Fixed an issue where custom attributes terms were not copied to duplicated translations after the values were updated in the original language.
  • WP Fastest Cache compatibility – fixed a currency switcher problem
  • Updated the minimum requirements.

Download and Update

You can get this release directly to the WordPress admin or download and install manually. To receive automatic updates, you need to register WPML on your site. Then, visit the Plugins or Updates admin pages. To download manually, visit your account and go to Downloads. Follow the installation and upgrade instructions for complete details.

When you update WPML, be sure to update together all the components that you are using. Don’t use a mixture of new and older versions.

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