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  • Fixed issue when assigning language information to posts created through inner post insertion.


  • Fixed a fatal error when a term has the same slug in different languages and term ID is different than taxonomy term ID.
  • Added missing quick-link for Media translation settings in the Settings page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the translation to be saved for WP versions < 4.7.0.
  • Handled possible communication errors between WPML and ATE.
  • Notices are suppressed by relevant checks.
  • Fixed by finding page with exact slug and setting it as best match.
  • Fixed the WPML setup notice which was displayed for non-administrators.

Download and Update

You can get this release directly to the WordPress admin or download and install manually. To receive automatic updates, you need to register WPML on your site. Then, visit the Plugins or Updates admin pages. To download manually, visit your account and go to Downloads. Follow the installation and upgrade instructions for complete details.

When you update WPML, be sure to update together all the components that you are using. Don’t use a mixture of new and older versions.

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