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  • Added ability to translate Gutenberg’s media blocks.
  • Provide a meaningful message when Advanced Translation Editor activation fails.
  • Added Compatibility with Tiny Compress Images plugin.
  • Extended Elementor integration to accept modules with multiple repeater fields.
  • Added feature allowing users to translate images in non-translatable blocks for Beaver Builder.
  • Filter added to prevent publicizing of a duplicate.
  • Implemented feature for selecting which sub-keys of custom fields should be translated.
  • Implemented a feature for handling page builder pages which don’t contain translatable elements in order to avoid sending the entire post content, but copying it instead
  • Fixed missing language column in Fusion Builder’s library.
  • Added WP endpoints support.
  • Compatibility: Unblock MO files for “gutenberg” text domain.
  • Fixed exception occurring when translating a post that was previously handled with a page-builder.


  • Added compatibility for the Quote and Pullquote blocks of Gutenberg.
  • Allowed translation of emojis in the classic translation editor.
  • Fixed an issue with synced sticky posts when in translated mode but not actually translated.
  • Fixed database error when translating a page having Gutenberg active and Translation Management inactive.
  • Fixed a Gutenberg compatibility issue which was causing a message related to duplicated posts to not be displayed.
  • Fixed a 404 page when a secondary language page is accessed with the source slug and the display as translated mode is active.
  • Fixed the taxonomy terms list in Gutenberg editor used in a secondary language.
  • Fixed issue with the Browser Redirection feature which was doing unnecessary redirection on english pages to the english language.
  • .mo file for Ukrainian language renamed since we adjusted locale to uk.
  • Fixed the support of the Gutenberg cover block which name was changed.
  • Fixed an issue with translated terms not being assigned in translations of posts created with Gutenberg.
  • Improved usability and feel of WPML’s tooltips.
  • Fix canonical links on archive page for secondary languages.
  • Fixed an issue with Elementor links which were not converted.
  • Fixed an issue with the language meta-box not being refreshed when creating a page with Gutenberg.
  • Removed Translation Media settings section from WPML Settings screen when an attachment is set as not translated.
  • Resolved problem with trailing slash management.
  • Fixed a performance issue while deleting attachments in bulk.
  • Fixed issue when displaying media items and in WPML it is set as not translatable.
  • Disable media features when “attachment” is not translatable.
  • Fixed possible query errors when a theme or a plugin uses the same table aliases used by WPML.
  • Fixed issue with Copying original content when Gutenberg is used.

Download and Update

You can get this release directly to the WordPress admin or download and install manually. To receive automatic updates, you need to register WPML on your site. Then, visit the Plugins or Updates admin pages. To download manually, visit your account and go to Downloads. Follow the installation and upgrade instructions for complete details.

When you update WPML, be sure to update together all the components that you are using. Don’t use a mixture of new and older versions.

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