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WPML Version: 4.0.0


This filter hook allows developers to copy a post to a specified language with WPML. It duplicates the post into the target language and provides the option to mark it as a duplicate or as a translation.

Inserting Content
apply_filters( 'wpml_copy_post_to_language', int $post_id, string $target_language, bool $mark_as_duplicate )
(int) (Required) The ID of the post to be copied.
(string) (Required) The language code of the target language to which the post will be copied.
(bool) (Required) If set to true, the duplicated post will be marked as a duplicate of the original post. If false, it will be treated as a translated post.
hook example usage:

In the example below, we use the filter to copy a post with the ID of 1 into French and mark it as a duplicate of the original post.


$duplicate_post_id = apply_filters( 'wpml_copy_post_to_language', 1, 'fr', true );

In the advanced example you see below, we demonstrate how to automatically duplicate a given post to all other active languages on your WPML site, excluding the original language of the post.

Advanced example

function myplugin_duplicate_copy_post_to_secondary_languages( $post_id, $mark_as_duplicate = false ) {
    // Retrieve the post's element type, trid, and existing translations
    $element_type = apply_filters( 'wpml_element_type', get_post_type( $post_id ) );
    $trid         = apply_filters( 'wpml_element_trid', null, $post_id, $element_type );
    $translations = (array) apply_filters( 'wpml_get_element_translations', [], $trid, $element_type );

    if ( ! $translations ) {
        // Handle error or invalid values accordingly

    // Retrieve the active languages
    $wpml_languages = (array) apply_filters('wpml_active_languages', [], 'orderby=id&order=desc');

    foreach ( $wpml_languages as $language ) {
        // Duplicate the post if no translation exists for the given language
        if ( ! isset( $translations[ $language['language_code'] ] ) ) {