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WPML Version: 3.9.3


Enables the possibility to save a different value per language for your theme/plugin options using WPML language switcher on directly the settings screen.

Inserting Content
do_action( 'wpml_multilingual_options', $wp_option_name );


(Required) Exact option name as it is stored in wp_options table database.

hook example usage:

Let’s say that you need to assign a different value per language (translate) for a theme option, this usually is easily achievable with the help of WPML String Translation.

However, you may need to act differently with some themes and add a different value directly from the theme options panel. For example, with Avada you can do.

Now, you are working with a theme where you need to translate your options with this later approach, for example your footer option theme_footer. For this, you would need to:

  • Add a value for your footer option at Theme Options > Footer,
  • Add the following code on your functions.php file and queue it as early as possible:
    add_action( 'init', 'my_theme_bootstrap' );
    function my_theme_bootstrap(){
       do_action( 'wpml_multilingual_options', 'theme_footer' );
       $settings = get_option( 'theme_footer');
       // [...]
  • Go back to your Theme Options > Footer.
  • Click on the language switcher placed on the top bar and switch languages.
  • Add a new different value for it.
  • You should keep a different value per language.
  • If you visit the front-end, it should display a different value for the option.
  • If you check the database, there should be a new value stored in wp_options table as theme_footer_fr, where _fr is the language suffix.