Did you know that your next renewal for WPML can be free? When sites that you build translate content using one of WPML’s partner translation services you earn reward points. Your points give you a discount or even a full refund for the next account renewal.

Account Levels and Benefits



Partner services translated 0-25,000 words for your sites

No rewards yet, but
you’re on your way



Partner services translated 25,000-50,000 words for your sites

You will receive a
50% discount on your next WPML account renewal



Partner services translated more than 50,000 words for your sites

Your next WPML
account renewal will be completely free

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are WPML’s partner translation services?

WPML’s partner translation services have been used by tens of thousands of WPML clients to translate their content. They are completely integrated with WPML which means it is easy to send and receive content.

What materials can I use to explain these translation services?

We prepared a page about Professional Translation via WPML. This page explains the benefits of using our partner translation services.

Can I earn points if my clients translate their content with anyone?

You earn reward points only for content that goes from sites that you build to our partner translation services.

How long do my points last for?

Your points, if they don’t reach the discount threshold, will expire after two years.

What happens to any points that are not used when I renew my subscription?

Those points will be carried over for future use.

Do all WPML accounts qualify for the program?

Clients with accounts from recommendations by language service providers will not qualify for the program.