它是个三语言网站,以海地及其周边国家所用的语言提供。 它使用 WordPress 作为免费的 CMS 平台,使用 WPML 来实现多语运行。

网站是由位于多米尼加共和国 Santo Domingo 的美资创意服务公司 Design Intense 创建的。 他们通过自定义语言切换器对 WPML 进行调整,同时也为每个语言调整了主题。

Design Intense 对此项目的评论:

Beginning in 2009 the majority of website projects have been developed using WordPress because it provides clients with the control to maintain the site themselves. The WPML plugin has been a critical factor in the success of our projects. Without the ability to easily build sites in multiple languages, WordPress would not be a viable option. Numerous other plugins were tested but non offered the depth of features nor the level of support that WPML offers.