If your French translator is lagging due to the famous vacance, getting help from ICanLocalize is now easier than ever.

Just to be clear, we’re not talking only about French translators. ICanLocalize has a pool of over 1000 translators, writing in more than 30 languages.

Until this release, getting professional translation was a bit awkward. You have to create an account, complete a setup process and wait for translator to apply. Well, no longer.

Now, you can easily get translators when you need them and for whatever you need them – quickly and easily.

Browse profiles of professional translators

You’ll see a get translators link between each language pair you’re translating.

Click on it and you’ll see the translators in ICanLocalize (in that language pair). You can view their profiles, rating and current work-load. Then, invite the ones you like.

For instance, our top German translators:

Top rated German translators in ICanLocalize

Translators you’ve invited can apply to translate your site and you can accept their applications. Then, all you need to do is send the contents to translation and deposit payment.

WPML will take care of sending the originals and returning the translations. It also keeps track of what’s translated already, what’s new and what’s changed (and needs update).

The fun part about how it works now is that there’s no setup wizard, no steps to complete, no account to fill in – nothing. Just choose your translators and get started.

Bugs Fixed in WPML 1.8.1

Like in every release, we do our best to hunt down bugs and fix them. This release fixes a few bugs which affected menu translation. The bugs appeared in certain configurations so you might have noticed them or not. These are the same bugs we talked about in the previous post about WPML 1.8.1 RC1.