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When we started working on our Multilingual CMS plugin for WordPress, we tried to look for a good name.

It turns out that the name we picked was a trademark of a different product. A simple search would have revealed it, but we just weren’t aware.

To avoid any problems, we’ve changed our name to:


(stands for WordPress MultiLingual).

We hope that this name doesn’t upset anyone. We’re unfortunately drilled and pretty effecient at migrating everything, but we’d hate doing it again. Not during 2009 at least.

And, just to let you know, the new release of the plugin, version 0.9.6 (now called WPML Multilingual CMS) includes fixes for several bugs which were kindly reported to us:

  • Custom domains per language work correctly (forced to WPML defaults before)
  • Prevents from being activated on PHP4 (WPML only runs on PHP5)
  • Fixed search in different languages
  • Fixed page edit links in different languages
  • Custom language domains don’t change back to default when switching to different language negotiation scheme.

All these fixes were made possible through error reports from users. We test the plugin before any release, but can sometimes miss problems. Next week, we’ll be launching a technical forum, which will make discussions between us all much easier. We’re looking at bbPress. If you have other ideas, let us know.