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会员资格, 博客, 教育, 电子商务, 资料手册


Divi, Jupiter, Kleo, Salient


最低预算为 400 美元

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Much more than a web agency

Since Mirco Babini and Nicolò Mazzari founded SED Web in Lugo (RA) a few years have passed by now!

Today SED Web is a company of professionals with diverse skills. We have learned over the years how important sharing is: only in this way can we really grow and improve constantly.

We believe in a culture of solid business but able to evolve along the way. Day after day we are committed to including in our company all those values that allow everyone to work peacefully, minimize stress and stimulate the creative process.

Our team knows it well. Developers, web designers, programmers, experts in digital communication and copywriters: every day we are committed to making our company a serene workplace, respectful of ethnic, political, religious, sexual orientation and gender, where everyone they can find their own dimension and grow professionally.

This is the first ingredient for our successful recipe. And it never tires us.

We are a web agency based in Bologna and Ravenna. Our team is specialized in the creation of websites, e-commerce platforms and e-learning, mobile app, and web management.

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