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In order to run Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual, you need to have our Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual plugin installed as well as Advanced Custom Fields plugin. When you report issues or ask for help, make sure to tell us the versions of everything you are running. This should include:

  • WPML
  • WPML modules that you are using
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual

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ACF Blocks issue and error 1 2

發表人:fredrikV-2 in: English Support

2 22 22 小時, 56 分鐘前


ACF issue with WPML

發表人:Patrick Cruz in: English Support

3 9 1 日, 16 小時前


Fields in a translated ACF repeater on 'copy once' cannot handle empty content 1 2

發表人:online-resultsA in: English Support

4 29 1 日, 17 小時前


cmpo non traducibile se modificato cambia anche le altre lingue

發表人:simoneB-11 in: Assistenza in italiano

2 8 1 日, 20 小時前


ATE is showing all all the fields for the translation (also blocked)

發表人:dominikK-3 in: English Support

2 6 1 日, 20 小時前


ACF Metaboxes not appearing for any translated posts in admin view

發表人:apptioM in: English Support

2 10 2 日, 8 小時前


Fields maked as 'copy' or 'copy once' are being translated. 1 2 3

發表人:robbE in: English Support

3 44 2 日, 15 小時前


ACF relation field no se muestra en el front end 1 2 3

發表人:gasparG in: Soporte en español

2 34 3 日前


Split: ACF Blocks with Flexible Content inside

發表人:janH-17 in: English Support

2 6 3 日, 15 小時前

Osama Mersal

ACF custom fields problem

發表人:Sinisa in: English Support

3 7 3 日, 17 小時前


Fields missing from custom post type that uses ACF field group 1 2

發表人:Shervelle Marquina in: English Support
Quick solution available

2 16 4 日, 19 小時前

Shervelle Marquina

ACF create blank one when adding a translation a new one on first position

發表人:nordnorskK in: English Support

2 15 4 日, 23 小時前


internal links not translating

發表人:jean-sebastienC-2 in: English Support

2 4 6 日, 17 小時前


ACF Block field lost content when i edit in another language 1 2

發表人:guilhermeC-2 in: English Support

2 20 1 週, 3 日前


Field is copy once but won't let me save empty

發表人:benD-11 in: English Support

2 16 1 週, 4 日前