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WPML team works hard with theme and plugin authors to ensure complete compatibility. Our compatibility work starts at the Go Global program. If you need help between WPML and a theme or a plugin, please indicate what it's for and where we can reach the other authors.

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Supporter 回應 文章 新鮮度
Carrusel en Pagina de categoria de producto diseñada con DIVI builder 1 2

發表人:ana-belenP in: Soporte en español

3 32 43 分鐘前


error trying to save page with WPBakery

發表人:neilC in: English Support

2 16 2 小時, 11 分鐘前


Use different logos on different languages

發表人:crystalW in: English Support

2 5 2 小時, 57 分鐘前


Essential Grid only shows on one languaje

發表人:Benja in: English Support

3 5 3 小時, 31 分鐘前


Error generating report in translated language with Learndash Group Registration

發表人:genevieveT-3 in: English Support

3 5 6 小時, 50 分鐘前


Adv xlations wipes out the categories for foreign languages 1 2

發表人:samN-9 in: English Support

2 31 7 小時, 36 分鐘前


Pages do not show while using wordpress divi 1 2

發表人:markB-80 in: English Support

2 29 9 小時, 13 分鐘前

Izzi Hassan

How to translate the Header/Footer of the Drucker theme?

發表人:timoE-8 in: English Support

1 2 12 小時, 29 分鐘前


Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Membership 1 2

發表人:leandroP-2 in: English Support

2 16 12 小時, 54 分鐘前


NO puedo traducir las taxomonias de Jet engine

發表人:ivanG-19 in: Soporte en español

2 8 1 日, 5 小時前


Missing product variations

發表人:FortunyShop in: English Support

2 14 1 日, 9 小時前

Izzi Hassan

Error traducir eventos WP Event Manager

發表人:sergiQ in: Soporte en español

2 6 1 日, 10 小時前


Problema con plugin Rank Math

發表人:noeliaM-6 in: Soporte en español

2 3 1 日, 11 小時前


guestbook comments are not showing

發表人:Robin in: English Support

2 10 1 日, 11 小時前


Events Calendar PRO issue

發表人:bramd-5 in: English Support

2 7 1 日, 11 小時前