In order to run multilingual sites with WooCommerce, you need to have our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin installed. The WooCommerce Multilingual page includes detailed documentation for setting up your multilingual e-commerce site. When you report issues or ask for help, make sure to tell us the versions of everything you are running. This should include:

  • WPML
  • WPML modules that you are using
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Multilingual

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problem in recharing terawallet plugin in arabic

發表人:tamerm 在: English Support

3 7 1 小時, 42 分鐘前


WPML Currency on Ajax product tabs 1 2

發表人:John 在: English Support

2 16 1 小時, 54 分鐘前


Switching language on ajax product categories with redirect to shop 1 2

發表人:John 在: English Support

2 25 1 小時, 55 分鐘前


Translated products main data editable in other languages

發表人:nicolasS-51 在: English Support

2 5 2 小時, 41 分鐘前


ERROR: all Products from all languages show on shop page in other language

發表人:ahmedS-44 在: English Support

3 10 3 小時, 16 分鐘前


Language in brackets

發表人:asmusN 在: Assistance en français

2 3 3 小時, 32 分鐘前


Taxonomy Translation showing wrong language on front end

發表人:paulF-31 在: English Support

2 13 3 小時, 49 分鐘前


cart widget in header in elementor wont refresh the currency set by wpml multi-c

發表人:Norbert Kocsis 在: English Support

2 11 4 小時, 9 分鐘前


Prices in Euro

發表人:flemmingN 在: English Support

3 7 4 小時, 16 分鐘前


WPML Checkout Currency Conversion doesn't Worl 1 2

發表人:alexP-38 在: English Support

2 22 4 小時, 36 分鐘前


Synced product disappears in Cart when switching language

發表人:gilbertW-2 在: English Support

3 5 4 小時, 52 分鐘前


Syncronisation avec le plugin WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

發表人:andreanneB 在: Assistance en français

2 5 5 小時, 22 分鐘前


Multi Currency conversion is slightly off

發表人:antonioP-39 在: English Support

2 12 5 小時, 44 分鐘前


Attributes not translated

發表人:lucaS-36 在: English Support

2 12 5 小時, 45 分鐘前


Translate filter widget woocommerce only showing 21 product in other languages o

發表人:patrickK-9 在: English Support

2 10 5 小時, 54 分鐘前