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学习管理系统可帮助您构建、管理和销售在线课程。 在下表中了解有关我们为此类别推荐的插件的更多信息,并比较其功能 - 其中一些可能仅在专业版或高级版中可用。

LearnPressMasterStudy LMS Learning Management System
LearnPressMasterStudy LMS Learning Management System

LearnPress is a well-rounded LMS Plugin for WordPress. You can create courses with lessons and quizzes within a simple interface. You can monetise your content and add additional feature to suit your needs with various pro addons.

MasterStudy LMS offers a comprehensive learning management system for creating and managing online educational content. Key features include course creation, content dripping, quizzes, assignments, discussion forums, analytics, and WooCommerce integration for selling courses.

插件价格$0-$299/year$0 - $400/year
测试日期30 1 月, 202423 1 月, 2024
Drag and drop course builder
Drip feed content
Integrated with popular 3rd party payment gateways
Compatible with 3rd party plugins to extend functionality
Create multi-layer courses with lessons, quizzes, and more
Discussion forums
Gamification features
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