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Cookie Info WP 与WPML兼容。 这款插件已经过彻底的测试,可用于构建多语网站,绝对不会出现问题。

Cookie Info WP

– 开发商: DanielPaul

版本 1.4

最后测试: 12 8 月, 2022

Cookie Info WP is a lightweight plugin that allows you to create responsive, customizable cookie banners. The plugin is only 3kb and only runs when necessary, and the design automatically scales down to match the screen.

Cookie Info WP can be customized in light or dark theme, and you can configure your preferred colors, text, buttons, and more.


这款插件和WPML之间没有未解决的兼容性问题。 搜索所有已知问题