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March 1, 2023

If you are developing a site for a client, you can make them a Translation Manager. They will take care of everything related to translation, and you can restrict them from changing other crucial parts of the site.

There are two reasons why using the Translation Manager role is important:

  1. It is your client’s site, and they will know its content best. They also do not want to depend on you for managing translations.
  2. Your clients are not WordPress developers. It is good practice to restrict their access from critical parts of the site’s admin. This way, you take care of the system and they take care of the content.

Setting up a Translation Manager

All site users with an Administrator role are set as Translation Managers by default. You can create additional Translation Managers when going through WPML’s setup wizard, or by going to WPMLTranslation Management and clicking the Translators tab. These users must have at least Editor-level permissions.

Adding a Translation Manager in the WPML Setup Wizard

Adding a Translation Manager in Translation Management

Once a Translation Manager has been created, you can set them up to receive email notifications when a new translation job is completed.

How to Use Translation Management

Finished setting up Translation Managers? They can now take care of everything related to translations: