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Some websites sell nulled WordPress themes and plugins for cheap, saying they function just like the official versions. These claims are not only false but can put your website and data at risk.

Using a plugin on your website might seem simple: download, install, and activate. However, for a plugin to work, it often requires more than this.

In the case of WPML, to start using it, you need access to your account on WPML.org. This is because you must register your website in the account’s dashboard. It simply doesn’t work without this step.

Also, if third parties control the account and plugin, you may lose access to WPML at any moment.

Additionally, if you want to use automatic translation, you must assign translation credits to it. You can only do this if you have access to an actual WPML account.

This is why without an account, WPML and many other popular plugins simply cannot work properly.

False Claims About Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

Websites that illegally distribute WordPress themes and plugins often spread false claims that simply don’t hold up.


“If a plugin is under the GPL, you can redistribute it freely.”


The GPL license covers code but not trademarks, such as logos and protected names. As a result, you can use any part of the code but it is not legal to redistribute the complete plugin under its protected name.


“You don’t need license keys to use plugins and themes in your projects; they’re only necessary for support and automatic updates.”


As we’ve seen above, you cannot even use WPML without access to its account. The claim also misleads by suggesting that updates and support are optional extras. However, they’re essential if you want the product to work well. Some WordPress updates are not backward compatible and can leave your site broken. Also, without support, you might need to hire help or troubleshoot issues yourself.


“A ‘nulled’ plugin isn’t cracked or hacked; it just doesn’t have a license key.”


Plugins downloaded from an unauthorized reseller can easily have been altered and contain malicious code and backdoors. You simply don’t know what you’re installing on your website and what access you’re giving to unknown actors.

Nulled vs. Official WPML Plugin

Finally, let’s compare the difference between using the nulled and the official WPML plugin.

Nulled WPML

No access to a WPML account and no way to register your site

Possibility of malicious code and backdoors

No way to automatically translate your website

No access to WPML plugin updates, leaving your site vulnerable to breaking changes in WordPress

No support. In case of issues, you’ll have to pay a developer for troubleshooting

Possibility of harmful payment processors

Official WPML

Your own WPML account with full access to all features

Thoroughly tested and secure

90,000 free credits to automatically translate your site

Full compatibility with every major WordPress version

Professional support in multiple languages

No-questions-asked refund available for 30 days

Quite a difference, isn’t it? As you can see, getting a nulled version of WPML is actually much more expensive than buying the official one.

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