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You can disconnect translations from the default language in the page’s editor settings.

How to Disconnect a Translation?

To disconnect a translation from the default language:

  1. Edit your page in the default language.
  2. In the right sidebar, under the Language section, select WordPress Editor. A popup will open. Choose This post and Apply.
Choosing to translate this post with the WordPress Editor
Select to translate this post with the WordPress Editor
  1. Next, in the top admin bar, switch to the language you want to disconnect a translation from.
Switching to an existing translation in Spanish
Switching to secondary language Spanish
  1. The translated version will appear. Under This is a translation of, open the dropdown and select None. Update the page to save.
Removing the connection to the default language post
Disconnecting translation from post

Your default language page will now no longer show it has a translation in the secondary language.

Now, there is no Spanish translation of the post
Spanish translation no longer connected

Too view your disconnected translation, switch to your secondary language using the language links above the table. You can now edit your disconnected translation independently, or connect it to a different post.

How to Connect a Translation?

To connect a translation to a post:

  1. Edit your translation.
  2. In the right sidebar, click Connect with translations.
Connecting a translation to a post
Connecting a translation to a post
  1. A popup will appear. Search for the post you want to connect the translation to and Update.