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We are working to release an update for WPML (and its add-ons plugins) to address some compatibility issues with WordPress 4.5.

WordPress 4.5 brings several changes in its API, changes which need to be addressed and which require holding the development of WPML 3.4 (more about WPML 3.4 in the next posts).

Of course, some bug fixes not related to WordPress 4.5 also slipped in, as they occurred during the development of WPML 3.4.

We are currently under full QA, which usually takes several days, but you can start using our beta version right now. If you do so, please share your feedback or questions in our support forum.

WP 4.5 Fixes

As for WordPress 4.5 compatibility, here’s a list of what we have worked with:

  • WPML Core 3.3.7: fixed compatibility issues with terms editing functionalities
  • WPML Translation Management 2.1.6: replaced use of deprecated function `get_currentuserinfo`
  • WPML String Translation 2.3.7: fixed filtering rewrite rules for WP 4.5 when the rules are cleared

Other relevant changes in WPML 3.3.7

You can find the full in each plugin’s folder.

WPML Core 3.3.7


  • Fixed some issues with post synchronization («Copy publishing date» option and post date synchronisation).
  • Fixed several WP SEO compatibility issues with sitemaps generation, missing trailing slashes, taxonomies, and «Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality» being randomly disabled
  • Fixed unexpected browser redirection on root page
  • When the blog page is deleted and then re-translated, it is now possible to set the blog page in Settings > Reading
  • Improved sitepress.js to use var when declaring variables, so as to allow minification and combination of scripts in strict mode
  • Show language switcher if CPT is set to do nothing
  • `wp_get_archives` now works for any custom post type
  • Fixed notices when updating to the latest version with browser redirection activated.


  • Removed non-translators cache from options.


  • Auto-disconnect duplicates when they are edited and only if there are changes.
  • Increased the accepted length of «Default Locale» and «Tag» in the languages table, so as to allow variations such as «de_DE_formal»
  • Hide system fields when displaying custom fields and terms meta in «Multilingual Content Setup»


  • WP SEO user meta fields are now translatable with WPML String Translation

WPML String Translation 2.3.7


  • Fixed issue with theme scanned on each access to WPML > Plugin and theme localization
  • Fixed error when scanning themes/plugins for strings on localhost on Windows
  • Fixed filtering of translation jobs when selecting «From language»


  • Author biographical info is now translatable in string translation

WPML Translation Management 2.1.6


  • Fixed issue where translated XLIFFs with ‘0’ (zero) as content were not accepted from Translation Management
  • Fixed `Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘InvalidArgumentException’ with message ‘Tried to load a string filter for a non-existent language’`
  • Added option to disconnect multiple duplicates (bulk mode) in TM Basket before sending for translation.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect redirections after translation save/update and wrong post/page edit links.
  • Reduce the number of DB queries on listing pages.


  • Hide system fields when displaying custom fields and terms meta
  • Added external-file in XLIFF files, to allow third party services to access the original URL.

WPML Media Translation 2.1.20


  • Fixed language filter issue in Media Library section.

CMS NAV 1.4.18


  • `$post->ancestors` is a read-only field and should not be set
  • Fixed bug occurring when the «auto-save» action was running, and causing some CMS-NAV loss data during post editing
  • Fixed issue with pages’ order not being respected

Gravity Forms Multilingual 1.3.8


  • Fixed issue when a field is removed from a form: the related strings are now removed
  • Previous and next buttons are now fully translatable

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