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WPML fully supports right-to-left (RTL) languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Kurdish, and Persian. When paired with a WPML-compatible WordPress theme that has RTL support, WPML ensures that your content is correctly translated from right to left and vice versa.

Does WPML support RTL layouts?

While WPML lets you easily translate your content into RTL languages, it doesn’t control the RTL layout of your theme. The display of right-to-left content is determined by the CSS rules of your WordPress theme.
If your theme and the plugins on your site come with RTL support for layouts, WPML applies the correct formatting to your site’s translations.

How can I translate content into an RTL language with WPML?

WPML lets you translate content into a right-to-left (RTL) language the same way you would translate content into left-to-right languages.
You can translate your mixed-direction content:

If you opt to translate your site’s content automatically, WPML lets you choose between translation engines DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Azure.

Do I need to duplicate pages into my RTL languages with WPML?

With WPML, you don’t need to duplicate pages or manually create posts, pages, and products for each language.

When you use WPML’s translation editors to translate your content, WPML generates a unique post for every new translation. It then links the translation to the default language content. This allows site visitors to seamlessly switch between content in your left-to-right and right-to-left languages on the front-end.

For example, let’s say you translate a page from a left-to-right language like English, into a right-to-left one like Arabic. When you use the language switcher to switch to the Arabic translation, you’ll see the text in Arabic. Additionally, the design will also reflect the RTL format, with elements like your menu now mirrored.

A page in English, a left-to-right language

A page translated into Arabic, a right-to-left language

WPML manages these adjustments automatically, ensuring a consistent user experience across languages and optimizing your site for search engines like Google.

What RTL themes are compatible with WPML?

Several popular WordPress themes that support RTL are compatible with WPML, including:

  • Astra
  • Divi
  • OceanWP
  • Elementor
  • Avada

To determine if your right-to-left theme is compatible with WPML, check out our list of WPML-compatible themes.
If you are a developer creating your own theme, see how you can add RTL support to your theme.