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Advanced Access Manager совместим с WPML. Этот плагин был тщательно протестирован. Его можно использовать для создания многоязычных сайтов без возникновения проблем.

Advanced Access Manager

— Разработчик: Vasyl Martyniuk

Версия 6.9.27

Последнее тестирование: 14 мая, 2024

Advanced Access Manager is a developer-oriented WordPress plugin that allows you to manage access to any aspect of your site on a granular level.

Define access for any role, individual, and visitor or configure access by posts, pages, custom post types, custom taxonomies, and categories. Features include tools to manage authentication with JWT, secure login widget & shortcode, enable/disable RESTful and XML-RPC APIs, redirects, multiple role support, temporary user accounts, admin toolbar access management, and more.

Please note: AAM Premium is also fully compatible with WPML.

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