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Wordbee Beebox

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Learn how to translate WordPress sites with Wordbee Beebox and WPML. Discover which translation services Wordbee Beebox offers, and how to get started with WPML.



About Wordbee Beebox

Wordbee Beebox is a smart middleware solution that automatically identifies and extracts translatable content from cloud-based repositories. It also facilitates the hand-off to a translation management system (TMS). WPML allows you to select content for translation, send it to your translation team/provider, receive finished translations back, and have WordPress sites updated with just a click of a button.

Getting started with Wordbee Beebox and WPML

To send content for translation to Wordbee Beebox, install the following plugins on your website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS – the core plugin
  • WPML String Translation – this plugin will allow you to translate interface strings

You can download them from your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create a new one by choosing WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plans.

Working with Wordbee Beebox via WPML

Start by contacting Wordbee and purchasing a Wordbee Beebox, their middleware enables you to filter and select the content for translation, manage your WordPress translation processes with suppliers so you receive your translations on time, and have WordPress sites updated. Once your Beebox is set up, the connection with WPML is easy. The team at Wordbee will help you create a project based on your needs. For a full walkthrough, check out our page about using WPML with a translation service.

Connecting Your Website to Wordbee Beebox

First, you need to connect WPML with Wordbee Beebox. Part of this very simple process is to request your Beebox CMS connector credentials API URLAPI Project KeyAPI (Username) Login, and API Password.

If you do not have login access to a Beebox project, please contact your Wordbee Beebox provider for CMS connector credentials.

When the CMS connector settings section is configured, you will be able to see your API URLAPI Project KeyAPI (Username) Login, and API Password.

Sending content for translation

Once your site is connected to Wordbee Beebox, you can start sending your content for translation.

Beebox supports human translation workflows via XLIFF files as well as a direct web link to Wordbee Translator or a different translation vendor. Thanks to its translation memories, it automatically reuses content you’ve already translated so that you can save time and money.

Receive a quotation from Wordbee Beebox

At this point, no further action is required from you.

Working with Wordbee Translator enables you to automatically notify your team of internal or external translators with matching language pair skills and manage their quotes and invoices. As soon as they accept, they can start working on their translations.

Receiving completed translations

Once done, your site is ready to receive completed translations.

Canceling translation jobs

Translation jobs cannot be canceled directly from WPML, but it is possible to remove them from within the Wordbee Beebox. You’ll also need to remove the file from your Beebox ‘IN’ folder to permanently delete the job.

Read more about canceling translation jobs sent to a professional service.

Translating the Rest of Your Site

Once you’re done translating the content of your page, there could be untranslated texts in menus, sidebars, and similar places. Such content can also be identified by WPML and sent to Wordbee Beebox for translation. Thanks to Wordbee Live Preview, translators can also access a live preview of the web page they are working on for real in-context editing. Read more about how to translate the rest of your site.