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After purchasing a WPML account, you should receive an email containing your account details. This email’s subject is “Your WPML login and invoice information”. It is sent to the email address you provided when buying WPML. If this email does not appear in your main inbox, check other folders, like “Spam” or “Promotions”.

What are the most common ways to find the missing email with my account information?

To find the missing email with your account information, try these actions:

  • Click the “All Mail” link: This displays all your emails, regardless of the way they are categorized or tagged.
  • Check the “Promotions” folder: If you spot the email here, you can click on the message and drag it to the Primary tab. Click Yes to do this automatically for all future messages from WPML.
  • Look in your “Spam“: If the email ended up here, click to mark it as Not spam.
  • Search for the email manually: Search your emails for related phrases like “WPML login“.

You can also watch the video below, which explains the most common solutions to finding a missing email with your account information.

How do I prevent missing future emails from WPML?

To ensure our emails always find their way to your inbox, add our “From” email addresses, and, to your contacts list.

What should I do if I still can’t find the email?

If the above actions don’t help, and you still cannot find the email with your login details, go to the Contact Us page and use the Password recovery option.

How can I ensure I receive important updates from WPML?

To stay informed about renewals, security alerts, and product updates, whitelist WPML’s email address. This ensures the emails are delivered to your inbox.