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重复的内容插件允许您复制帖子或页面。 您可以将这些副本用作将来帖子的模板,或用作测试更改的一种方式。 在下表中了解有关我们为此类别推荐的插件的更多信息,并比较其功能 - 其中一些可能仅在专业版或高级版中可用。

Duplicate PageYoast Duplicate Post
Duplicate PageYoast Duplicate Post

Duplicate Page allows you to make exact copies of various post types. The PRO version includes extra settings to control who can duplicate posts, where the duplicate link appears, and how your duplicated post title appears.

Yoast Duplicate Post allows you to clone posts or copy them to a new draft with just a click from both the Pages/Posts screen or while editing an individual page or post. You can also duplicate pages and posts in bulk.

测试日期21 7 月, 20229 4 月, 2022
Duplicate posts, pages and custom post types
Duplicate custom taxonomies
Duplicate posts from the site's front-end
Create a draft from a post duplicate
Customize duplicated post publication date
More about Duplicate PageMore about Yoast Duplicate Post

我们只推荐那些持续承诺与WPML兼容的插件。 上表中插件的作者定期与WPML团队密切合作,以确保您可以构建一个可靠的多语网站。

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21 7 月, 2022

9 4 月, 2022

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