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Redirect plugins allow you to easily fix broken links without any coding knowledge. This not only makes for a better user experience, but it also improves your SEO ranking. Learn more about our recommended plugins for this category in the table below and compare their features - some of which may only be available in pro or premium versions.


Redirection is a free plugin that allows you to create and manage redirects on any sized site without any coding.

Pricing model
Plugin priceFree
Date tested九月 9, 2021
Redirect 404 errors without Apache or Nginx knowledget
Create redirect patterns using regular expressions
Monitor and set up redirects automatically
Set conditional rules for redirects
View and export redirect logs
Track 404 errors
More about Redirection

我们只推荐那些持续承诺与WPML兼容的插件。 上表中插件的作者定期与WPML团队密切合作,以确保您可以构建一个可靠的多语网站。

其它兼容WPML的Redirect 插件

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