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Duplicator 是一款推荐的插件,因为它承诺与WPML持续兼容和合作。 Duplicator 与WPML完全兼容


– 开发商: SnapCreek

版本 1.4.0

最后测试: 2 4 月, 2021

Duplicator is a simple plugin that allows you to migrate, copy, move, or clone a site with zero downtime. You can choose which files and database tables to include or exclude from your migration package. You can also choose from many different storage options, including local, cloud, remote FTP, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Duplicator Pro lets you set schedules for automatic backups and migrate multisite setups. It also includes easy rollbacks to prevent mistakes and bad updates.


这款插件和WPML之间没有未解决的兼容性问题。 搜索所有已知问题