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Currency switcher for WooCommerce
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Currency Switcher Plugin For WooCommerce متوافق مع WPML. تم اختبار هذه الإضافة بعناية، ويمكنك استخدامها في إنشاء مواقع متعددة اللغات بدون مواجهة مشكلات.

Currency Switcher Plugin For WooCommerce

– المطور:

الإصدار 1.6.2

آخر اختبار في: أكتوبر 11, 2023

The Currency Switcher Plugin for WooCommerce enables multi-currency functionality within the WooCommerce platform, allowing customers to shop in their preferred currency.

It supports various features including currency switcher display options, automatic daily currency rate updates or manual rate adjustment, checkout customization, fixed coupon amounts for each currency, and statistics analysis.

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