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JetEngine إضافة موصى بها بفضل التزامها بالتوافق المتواصل والشراكة WPML. JetEngine متوافق تمامًا مع WPML.


– المطور: Crocoblock

الإصدار 2.5.3

آخر اختبار في: أكتوبر 27, 2020

JetEngine is a part of the Crocoblock suite of plugins for Elementor. It allows you to build custom website structures and populate them with dynamic content.

You can use the JetEngine plugin to create dynamic pages like custom post type archives or add dynamic elements like calendars, booking forms, and sliders, all populated by content found elsewhere on your site.

The Dynamic pricing plan also includes JetSearch and JetSmartFilters, which support dynamic search and filtering.

Please note: JetEngine also supports Gutenberg Blocks in this version.

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