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MWB HubSpot for WooCommerce إضافة موصى بها بفضل التزامها بالتوافق المتواصل والشراكة WPML. MWB HubSpot for WooCommerce متوافق تمامًا مع WPML.

MWB HubSpot for WooCommerce

– المطور: makewebbetter

الإصدار 1.4.1

آخر اختبار في: نوفمبر 15, 2022

The MWB HubSpot for WooCommerce plugin from MakeWebBetter allows you to synchronise your e-commerce customer data to your HubSpot CRM account. You can track abandoned carts and currency preferences, segment contacts based upon various attributes and send targeted campaigns to ensure you maximise on conversions.

Note: If you’re using the FREE HubSpot plan, products will not sync over the CRM and line items will not be associated with them.

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