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Type of work:

SEO, Visual design, Дайте подробную консультацию о потенциальном проекте, Развивай функциональность сайта, Создай новый сайт

Project size:
  • Small Business

I can maintain sites

Site categories:

E-commerce, Блог, Брошюра, Образование

Favorite WordPress themes:

Grafik, Stockholm, Uncode

Project budget:

Minimum budget is 250 USD

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Each project has a story behind. Let’s discover how to tell it with communication, content, and design.
It is important to understand each project in its context in order to communicate it better.

I work with and for professionals, freelancers, small businesses, organizations, and companies. We offer communication services, from strategy to design and content management, from web design to branding application.

Listening, thinking and doing are part of the creative process, of the energy and enthusiasm that I and our partners put into each project we undertake. Always seek to support and stimulate the work of partners and clients. I like very much to carry out projects collaboratively, finding out solutions that make things easier and reachable.

Good content design allows people to do or find out what they need easily and quickly using the most appropriate format. Let me dig into your content, organize and design it so we can make the best plan to manage it.

I have more than 10 years involved the digital world and almost 20 in communication and design in America and Europe.

WPML user since: Октябрь, 2013

Contractor since: Май, 2018



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