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In this tutorial we teach how to build multilingual real estate sites. We’ll use Toolset plugins and start from a fully functional reference site.

Homepage of the Real Estate website

List of agents

Page for the individual agent

Page for the indvidual property

Custom post types, fields and taxonomy for real estate sites

Toolset offers a complete real estate reference site, which has everything set-up and ready to use. Instead of using it, we’ll follow the course on building real estate sites and build our from scratch.

We’ll start by creating the custom post types, custom fields and taxonomy for properties and agents.

Go to ToolsetDashboard to create the custom post types for Properties and Agents.

Custom post types in the Toolset Dashboard

We’ll add custom fields to both properties and agents, to hold the information that each requires.

Adding custom fields for to a property

Designing the site’s front-end with Toolset

With Toolset, your design tool is the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg). Today, the Block Editor offers rich design and there are dozens of great block libraries to use, besides the built-in blocks that come with WordPress.

For this real estate site, we’ll create a rich homepage, which shows dynamic content from properties and agents.

Homepage of a Real Estate website

This homepage includes several lists of properties. There’s a collage of «showcase properties» at the top, a grid of recently added properties and a slider with featured properties. All these are actually Views, which you can create yourself. Views can even display items as markers on maps.

Featured properties View

Recent properties View

Featured apartments View

List of agents

Properties on a Google map

Building a View takes four steps:

  1. Insert the Toolset View block into the page.
  2. Select the output type (grid, masonry, etc.).
Choosing the View output style
  1. Select the post type whose items you want to list.
Choosing the post type
  1. Design the output using various blocks. You will especially need blocks that can display Dynamic Sources like post fields, custom fields, and taxonomies.
Designing the View

How to translate

Anything that you create with Toolset, you can easily translate with WPML.

Use WPML’s Translation Management to send all your pages, templates, and other Toolset elements for translation. You can then translate them yourself, use your own translators or one of the integrated translation services.

Translating Toolset templates is the same as translating posts. You will get a list of texts which appear in the templates and translate just them. You don’t need to recreate templates separately per language.

WPML Translation Management

After you translate the template, visitors can view properties in their languages.

Template in German

Template in English

Template in Spanish

For full details, read about translating real estate sites built with Toolset.

Use Toolset for all your advanced projects

This tutorial scratches the surface of what you can build with Toolset. Toolset comes with complete tutorials on creating directory sites, custom WooCommerce sites, membership sites, and more. You might also be interested in our training course on designing professional-looking sites in WordPress.

Toolset starts at only $69 for a complete package for one site. If you’re interested in Toolset, there’s a 30% discount waiting for you in our coupons page.

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